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About breed French bulldog

In 1888 in France was organized club French bulldog, President which became one of the most famous first breeders Marcel Roger, and in 1895 on exhibitions first time appeared French bulldogs.

They began to register in the stud book, was the tentative standard for the breed, but for expertise on the show while still using the English standard. In 1896, the French bulldog was finally recognized as an independent breed, and in 1898 came out and its standard.

In 1912 FC1 adopted the new standard of the French bulldog, which was banned fawn and red color indicating blood pug. Only in 1994 in France was allowed to breed bulldogs with this color. In America since the arrival of the French bulldogs bred dogs of this breed not only traditional colors and yellow, red and even cream.

It is currently a small dog with all the attractive features of a molossus.

       If you decide to buy a dog, ideal for keeping in the city, strong and muscular, with a sense of self-esteem and friendly towards people, then you will not be mistaken, choosing a breed of French bulldog. This dog will also be happy to live in the country, she loves to run, it has a lot of energy, likes to walk with the owner in the woods, for long walks, how much sports owner – so much sports this dog is so clear that does not require special training, but simply accepts the rules of conduct that have developed in your family. But if desired, the training site will successfully pass the course of OCD and even be able to protect you. The French bulldog has a surprisingly attractive appearance: a short flattened muzzle, wide-set large dark eyes, a snub nose, a wide forehead and huge ears like bat wings.  The character of the bulldog is very individual, no two are the same dogs. Basically the French bulldog has the positive qualities of a companion dog loves children, has a cheerful disposition, lively and playful.

French bulldog on the classification of rocks adopted in the International canine Federation ( FCI ), refers to the group IX – companion dog, but a subset of fighting dogs small format.

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