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Hello, dear guests!     

         My name is Irina Kosenko.

      Our kennel "Avedariya" home, without cages and kennels, walking the dogs loose in the summer at the spacious in estate area, have a place to run and play..

      I have been breeding dogs of breed the French bulldog and I am the owner of kennel "Avedariya".  

       In the kennel "Avedariya" for producing high-quality offspring and breeding my bitches I pick up the most worthy of breeding males from other kennels checked up on posterity. To do this, I graduated from the dog breeding courses "Specialist in the organization of breeding business."

      I try to work not only on the exterior of my breeding dogs, but mainly on their physical health, strong psyche and lack of hereditary genetic defects, not only fond of exhibitions and titles of producers. Puppies born in my kennel, perfectly grown, socialized, kept at home, vaccinated by age, have documents RKF / FCI.

      I give, if necessary, advice about growing young dogs. In order to know about available in the nursery for the puppies, to see pictures and pedigrees of my dogs, please visit this sitabuldi very individual, no two are the same dogs. Basically the French bulldog has the positive qualities of a companion dog loves children, has a cheerful disposition, lively and playful.

French bulldog on the classification of rocks adopted in the International canine Federation ( FCI ), refers to the group IX – companion dog, but a subset of fighting dogs small format.


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